On Monday 2nd November 1987, Jenny Fellows had her brand new computer installed by Wayne Graves.

Aston on Trent Post Office

Aston on Trent Post Office circa 1987

Wayne at the time was one of only two employees of Norcon Computers Limited. Jenny was the proud owner of Aston on Trent Post Office. Jenny had purchased a computer from Norcon to run the Home News Delivery (HND) rounds that she and her staff had been managing for years using a ledger and lots of bits of paper.

News Slave had been released just four years earlier by Norcon and already they had seventy-nine stores running the software on a daily basis, 364 days of the year. Mrs Fellows (store number 80) soon got to grips with the printing of daily delivery sheets for the paperboys (and girls). She said years later that she had the helpdesk phone number written on the side of the computer and whenever she dialled the number she could simply say,  “Customer 1080 here” and she would receive a cheery response “hello Jenny how can we help you today?” from Ann Graves, Wayne’s wife and the other full-time employee.

Fast Forward 30 years

Today, Ann takes a more leisurely role enjoying time with the grandchildren. The helpdesk at Norcon has increased in size somewhat, to support the latest software users such as customer 4180 – Mr Wilson from Barrow in Furness.

Aston on Trent Post Office

Aston on Trent Post Office circa 2017

Vagh & Damu Haja are now the proud owners of Aston on Trent Post Office. On Tue 7th November 2017 they signed the contract to rent an integrated EPoS and Newspaper management system from Norcon Computers Limited. Signing on behalf of the company on that day was Sales Director Wayne Graves.

The Hajas still deliver newspapers and magazines to over 300 customers every day and those HND rounds are still managed by News Slave – the award winning Newspaper management software from Norcon Computers. But now they have a new EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) terminal on the counter and customers can pay for their newspaper deliveries alongside their other purchases in this bustling modern Post Office.

If Vagh has a problem he will ring Norcon and say this is customer number 1080, and the helpdesk team will swing into action to solve whatever his problem is on that day.

The EPoS rental model has been made possible by the switch to ICRTouch software – the preferred solution for Norcon and the next generation of its Response EPoS systems. So will Aston on Trent Post Office still be using News Slave in 2047?